Upcoming changes to SugarCRM

I’ve been in San Francisco for SugarCON 2009 for the past few days and have learned a lot and gained a pile of new ideas. While I don’t have time to post everything I gained from the conference, I’d like to point out some of the exciting new stuff coming toSugarCRM:

  • Upcoming API changes in SugarCRM 5.5 (June 2009):
    • Anyone that uses SugarCRM’s SOAP API knows that it sucks. A lot. It is slow, clunky, antiquated, and difficult to extend.
    • Versioned (for example, /api/v1/soap/ instead of just /soap.php)
    • SOAP and REST will be supported
    • REST can output JSON or a serialized PHP array
    • Every method can be extended in an upgrade-safe way
    • Related modules can be queried in a single call. For example, if you have an ID for A, and A is related to B, and B is related to C, you can get A, B, and C in a single call. This would take several calls using the current API.
    • SOAP has been re-worked to be 60-70% faster.
    • The backend code is separate from the API method. For example, you can write a single chunk of code that works for REST and SOAP.
  • SugarCRM 6 changes (no ETA):
    • All user authentication will be moved into a single module. This will keep all usernames/passwords in a single spot and allow any module to add authenticationwithout having special fields or duplicated authentication code.
    • Password management is going to be enhanced
      • Password reset tool for users
      • Ability to force users to change passwords at certain intervals
      • Minimum password requirements (length, complexity)
    • Enhanced LDAP support
      • Restrict access based on LDAP criteria
      • Grant access/assign roles based on LDAP criteria
    • Enhanced roles support
      • Currently, all users have access to everything by default. Roles are used to restrict access. In the SugarCRM 6, roles can optionally be used to grant access instead of restrict it.
    • New theme engine
      • Less CSS is required
      • More elements have id attributes
      • Better div-based layout
      • May require lots of changes to custom themes
    • New rules engine
      • Calculated fields
      • Dependent drop downs (eg, only show a certain drop down if field A is true)
      • Dependent fields
      • Modify field properties (required, visible, read-only, default value, style)
      • Customizable actions/expression functions. This allows developers to easily develop their own custom rules and actions.
    • Full-text search in all modules


  1. Enhanced Password Management and the new Themes framework are slated for Sugar 5.5.

  2. Hi Jacob,

    You are so right about SugarCRM’s current SOAP layer.
    Its pathetic and sucks a lot.

    I wrote a native iPhone application for SugarCRM using the SOAP layer and it had made my life miserable.
    For many customers the soap layer is so slow that it times out now and then.
    Moreover there are many data fields which are not coming in the SOAP response.

    I know the inside out of the SugarCRM SOAP layer and believe me i have even started writing my own REST layer for SugarCRM.

    Its a very good news that version 5.5 will have improved SOAP and also support REST.


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