Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Yeah so I am a movie/TV fanatic and watch tons of everything. Even crappy chic flic movies when there is nothing else to watch.

So this movie was sitting in my dad’s folder of ipod videos that he rips for my brother and sister. I watched everything else and this was all that was left, so I watched. And holy crap what the garbage are kids being fed today?! Let us see what is being shown as “normal”:

Girl #1: Hot blonde soccer player. 17 years old. Has sex with man who is old enough to legally drink. Can you say “statutory”?

Girl #2: That cute girl off of Gilmore Girls. 17 years old. Making out and being in a serious relationship with a man who is at least a second year college student. Again, can you say “statutory”?

Girl #3: Pathetic attempt at a punk/depressed/gothic girl. 17 years old. Doesn’t even have a learner’s permit to drive. Becomes best friends with some 12 year old with leukemia.

Girl #4: Fat Puerto Rican. 17 years old. Blows up on family and throws a rock at a window.

What the *$#@ is wrong with these people? Seriously. This reminds me of that stupid Where the Heart Is book/movie. Thats the one about the Wal-Mart baby. Yeah lets teach our kids that they can get knocked up, go steal from a business, and then get their life fixed for free at the expense of others. Total garbage. We got Wal-Mart babies and magical pants and thats our quality movies apparantly.

Enough ranting though. Should probably go to bed. Its like 1:40am and I am helping some people with some yard work or something at 9:00am.

Holy crap. Got to the dramatic giving of the pants to the dying leukemia patient part of the movie. Are you freaking serious? Girl #3 is telling leukemia girl to let the magical pants heal her of her disease. If you want a GOOD movie with a girl dying of leukemia, try Walk to Remember. At least that one has Mandy Moore in it.

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  1. While I agree with your assemnet of the tone and message of the movie just not being right. It varies vastly from state to state on what statutory rape is.

    Here in Iowa for instance a gap of 5 years is whats legaly allowed, a 17 year old and a 22 year old can date no problems in this state.

    May not be all that correct, may be moraly reprehensable to some but it is legal.

    Just found your blog and love it hope you keep it going

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