Blade Runner

So I was bored, and out of movies to watch, so I started looking online for some good movies to watch. Unfortunately (did I spell that right? I use that word a ton but am never sure if I’m getting the spelling correct…) many people like crappy movies, so this makes it a bit harder. For example, almost every “best sci-fi movies” list contains Blade Runner. Its even normally near, if not at, the top of the list. But I’ve tried maybe 5 times to watch Blade Runner and can never get through more than maybe 20 minutes before I give up because it is so boring.

So what else is there sci-fi? We have the Space Odyssey movies (2001, 2010, etc…). They were pretty good. There is also A Clockwork Orange. Never seen it I don’t think. A bit more violent/sexually-based than I prefer. I liked Contact, but wish there was a sequel based a few hundred (or thousand?) years down the road. The new War of the Worlds was interesting, although, like the book, is missing some details I’d like. The new Time Machine movie sucked. A.I. was good, for what it is. Again, I’d like a sequel. The Matrix Trilogy was interesting, though terribly flawed in a dozen ways. The Terminator Trilogy was also good, but again flawed. Stargate is a classic. The series is even better. I love how they make fun of themselves for having all the aliens speak english. Andromeda Strain was a good book but a terrible movie. Solaris was downright awful. What the crap were they thinking? You can’t turn a book like that into a movie.

So where does that leave me? I’ll tell you where that leaves me: bored. No movies to watch. Maybe I should look for some good anime. Like Spirited Away, or Princess Monoke, or My Neighbor Totoro (heh), or Metropolis. Metropolis was awesome. Loved it. Or Ghost in the Shell. Classic. Have you seen the series? Incredible. Seriously. Or the Cowboy Beebop series. Or, even better, Vandread. Totally awesome and hillarious. Or Escaflowne. Man I love video.


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