What a boring day. What a boring couple of days even.

Spent some time putting more name sets and countries up on the Fake Name Generator. You can now generate names in 8 languages for 6 countries. And I’m getting pretty close to having Germany ready to put up. Its those darn phone numbers that take forever. Especially Germany. What a crazy system. Area codes always start with a “0” and can be any length, although they are generally 3 to 6 digits. The subscriber number can be any length, but it is generally 11 or 10 digits – length of area code. So, technically, every number from 011 to 09999999999 is in a valid German phone number format. Crazy, eh?

Finished watching Alias. Wasn’t that great. I was hoping for much better, but oh well. Wouldn’t have been so bad if there weren’t so many errors in the plot. For example, Sidney’s mom (can never remember her name) fell on a glass skylight, and the glass and the supporting metal ended up breaking under her weight. Yeah right. This is a commercial building. Just glass would be strong enough to jump on, not to mention it is reinforced with large 2 inch thick pieces of metal. Lame.

But I’m tired. So I’m gonna put a movie on and fall asleep. I’ve noticed that I’ve pretty much seen every movie worth watching, so any movie I watch now is good as a sleep-aid.

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