What's New in the Life of z

Haven’t posted as much as I originally intended. I honestly don’t expect anyone to read this site; it is more for me than anything else.

So what’s new? Well I might be getting a job. Like a real one. Working at a company. That pays me on a regular basis. That’d be nice. More details when/if it happens.

My eBay account was suspended. Ironically it wasn’t my fault. Another account that hasn’t been active for 5 years was suspended and for some reason that gave eBay justification to suspend my account, my dad’s account, and my mom’s account. Stupid. Over 350 listings (between Half.com and eBay) that I’ll have to relist. Hopefully my account will be reinstated soon. I faxed in the paperwork for it last Friday. Egh. Slow stupid eBay.

Got rid of my weight bench. It wasn’t exactly doing me much good… I didn’t use it very much, and when I did use it I ended up hurting myself. See, I have this stupid thing where I can’t tell when I’m overdoing something and so I end up tearing my muscles to shred and then it takes like a week to recover and so using a weight bench isn’t very effective. Better just stretching and doing pushups and situps and junk like that.

Got a couple sites nearly done. Getting paid for it even. Sweet. Money is good.

Got a new computer a while back. A Dell Dimension E510. It came with a beautiful LCD monitor. Widescreen. Big. Shiny. Even rotates so you can have it so it is taller than it is wide. Very handy.

Umm… What else… OH OH! I found a CD in some boxes that has a ton of old pictures on it. Like from before my mission. I’ll have to put up a photo site eventually to store all this crap cause I’m always worried about data loss. Also found in some boxes some crazy old crap, like a birthday invitation that I sent out for my 13th birthday, my 3rd grade report card (horrible grades), 3rd grade standardized testing scores (incredible scores), bank statement from when I was 9,  and some crazy old pictures. I’ll have to scan some of this stuff and put it up. Some of it is quite funny. Like you put the report card and the standardized testing side by side… I was getting like C’s and D’s and my teachers all said I was putting forth minimal effort, but the standardized test said I was in the top 99% of students my age for nearly every category.

You know a song I haven’t heard in a while? Possum Kingdom by The Toadies. I used to listen to that song all the time. The words are weird and dark, but the music is great.

Oh! I found this twisted little poem on that picture CD (its actually a graphic… I’d attach it but thats probably copyright infringement or something…):

I wanna crack your skull and eat your thoughts
Break your back and make you walk
To suck the marrow between your soul
Tear you apart to make me whole

No idea who wrote it… I think I found it on deviantART back in the day. I’ll have to try to find the author someday. But isn’t it neat?
BTW, I have a few things up at deviantART if you want to see. Nothing terribly amazing, and not a terribly lot of anything, but if you are bored…

So my mom bought some jelly a while back, and it had one of those little sticker things on it that you peel off and it says stuff on it. And this peel off thing happened to have a code on it that you enter online and you might win a prize. Well guess what? I WON! Yay! Not millions of dollars though unfortunately, but I did win Second Prize, which is a limited edition Disney lithograph. Only 5550 in existance. Woohoo! $50 ARV! Too bad I don’t have an eBay account to sell it with…

Mix Tape by Brand New. Another awesome song. What is with all that crap on the radio nowadays? Total garbage. Drives me crazy. Half the songs you can’t tell what the crap they are saying, or you wish you didn’t because its all about sex and drugs and meaningless murder. What ever happened to songs with meaning? Songs that make you feel GOOD, even if they are dark and twisted like Possum Kingdom? Oh well. Guess I’m just getting old.

So I have this horrible headache of a job to do. I’m making a webpage for Ann King, a local RE/MAX realtor. She wants up-to-date listing for the entire Pee Dee area (thats the region I live in) on her site. So I contact the local real estate board, and get the paperwork to get a live IDX feed (IDX = MLS for internet). Unfortunately what they offer isn’t a live feed. It is a horrible complicated tab-delimmited text file. And not just one text file, but eight text files. And not just eight text files, but eight text files with dozens of fields for each text file. I finally got them to send me a key that says what each of the fields is supposed to represent, but still haven’t decided how to handle the task of downloading the daily update and integrating it into the site. They also have a quirky way of doing the property photos, but I won’t get into that. Needless to say, it is going to be a pain. I don’t even want to think about the task of setting up the geocoder and Google Maps. Egh.

Have you ever seen About A Boy? That was a neat movie… One of those movies that doesn’t exactly have a powerful climax, but teaches life lessons in a way that doesn’t feel after-school special. Sort of like Breakfast Club. Except I know why About A Boy is called About A Boy, but I don’t have a clue why Breakfast Club is called Breakfast Club. They didn’t even eat breakfast. I think they had lunch. Maybe the Lunch Club? That sounds pretty gay though. Whatever.

So thats the life of z. I need a haircut. Note to self. Get a haircut.

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