The world we live in and life in general

Haven’t posted anything about life in a while, so thought I’d put a few things up.

(EDIT) Had a rant here about some jerk who was trolling, but I decided not to let it bother me and just deleted his comments. Problem solved. :o) (END EDIT)

But the fake name generator is going well. We’re up to over 210,000 generated names. A kind soul even sent me a dollar donation. Every bit helps towards paying the hosting bill. I added a new feature last night. It generates a MasterCard or Visa credit card number. Obviously they won’t work if you actually try to use them, but for sites that are just trying to mine your data, it will pass any validation scripts they may use. I used one today to mess with one of those Nigerian scammers. It was a lot of fun actually. :o)

Interestingly, at the fake name generator ranks 18 for new sites in the past 24 hours (a different way of linking it, so it showed up again), 1 and 9 for new sites in the past 48 hours, 5 and 34 for new sites in the past week, and 43 for new sites in the past month. Not bad considering its only been up for like a couple days.

But now that I think about it I really don’t have time to write anymore. I need to get dressed because I’m supposed to go pick some guy up in an hour or so and help him do some yard work. Fun fun fun.

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