Officer Toad Man

So today I took Becca to this weird industrial park thing down the street from where I live, because I saw it yesterday and it had some neat looking stuff and we were over that way and had time.

Anyways, right as we are pulling up this toad man security guard was walking out and getting to his car. We ignored him and took some pictures of the place, and then drove around the side to look at some odd half fork truck things with cylindrical horn things. So here we are looking at these weird vehicles when Officer Toady rolls up in his smoking hot 1986 vehicle. So we flip a U and drive off.

However, we still had some time so we decided to jokingly wait for the security guard and act like we are heading back to the industrial park place. So right as we pull up to turn back on to the street, the security guard drives by. He was not very pleased with our decision. He honked his horn, held out his arm in a pitful attempt to stop us, and tried to block our way with his car.

We smiled, waved, and bolted in the opposite direction.

Moral of the story: Be careful around toads cause I hear they can give you warts.

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