So I found this awesome new service the other day. It is an automatic backup service called Mozy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for the free account at Mozy. (If you use my referral code JGA3Y5, which is embedded in the link, they’ll give you and me an extra 256MB for free.)
  2. Install their software. It is very lightweight and lives in your system tray.
  3. Choose what kinds of files you want backed up.

Thats it! It automatically encrypts and uploads your files to their server. The free version only gives you 2GB (or 2.25GB if you use my referral code), but that is plenty enough to backup important documents, spreadsheets, etc. The service can do the backups when your computer is idling, or you can schedule specific days/times for it to run.

So far I am VERY impressed, and am considering upgrading to a paid account (30GB for $54.45/year, or 60GB for $109.45/year. Monthly payment plans also available.).

So give it a shot! Takes like 3 minutes to set up and there is no risk. The link is: (Remember: The referral code gives you an extra 256MB!)

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