Jury Duty

Man am I unlucky. I hope and I wish for jury duty, and every time I get it, I can’t go! The first time I was on my mission, and this time I’m moving. Dang.

I like the language though: “…serve as a Petit Juror for the Court of the Magistrate…”. Hehe.. petit juror. Makes me think of a bunch of little midget jurors.


  1. Leslie

    That’s too bad you missed out on jury duty…I got to do jury duty for the first time about 18 months ago and I totally loved the experience. I sat on a criminal trial that had to do with a gang shooting. Crypts vs. bloods business. The best part was that I got to be “Madame Foreperson”. I thought they should’ve just called me the “foreman” but you know how desperately CA wants to be politically correct these days. Move your voting records as soon as you get a new address and that’ll put you back in the jury pool.

  2. I find myself on opposite sides of you. I can’t stand jury duty. The fact that we are forced to serve is a huge turn off. If it was such an honor which a good part of the court system feels it is, why are we forced? Why don’t they just ask for volunteers? Maybe I’m just bad citizen!!

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