Hiccups and hydraulic toilets

I hate the hiccups. I’ve had them all day.

Okay quick change of subjet. Alias S3E15. They are putting a bomb in an airtight container (a cooler? yeah right…) so that the air pressure will stay the same so it won’t blow up (because the bomb is altitude-sensitive). So they go through all this effort of deactivating the motion sensor, and then they take the bomb off and hold it sideways. Umm freaking morons.. the bomb would’ve blown up.. It has this fluid in a tube that is measuring the altitude, so if you turn it sideways: BAM! Bomb goes off cause the fluid is able to complete the circuit or however it works.

Anyways. Hiccups. They suck.

So I was going to the bathroom earlier and I had an idea: hydraulic toilet seats. Just enough to keep it from slamming when you put the seat down. I think it’d be nice. Wouldn’t take much to get it to work. Not sure about how easy it would be to keep it clean though. I wonder if there’d be a way to make the tank filling quieter as well? I just generally dislike needless noise, especially in a small room with no windows so everything echoes and makes even more noise.


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