Dove Hair Moisturizer

So Dove sent me a few hair care samples (shampoo, conditioner, gel, and hair moisturizer) the other day. I’ve never heard of a hair moisturizer so I thought I’d give it a shot. So I read the instructions to make sure it was something you leave in and wasn’t a wash-out product (like shampoo), and then took a shower so my hair would be damp (as instructed), and proceeded to apply the goop to my hair.

First impression: Gross! It felt terribly nasty rubbing that stuff into my hair. It is a fairly thick substance (considering it is moisturizer), and was very very difficult to spread evenly throughout my hair. When I was done applying it I was left with matted, gross/greasy hair. Very uncomfortable.

But I figured maybe it takes a bit for it to “work in” or something. So I left it on overnight. Nope. No improvement. Had to shampoo my hair twice just to get the gunk out.

Moral of the story: Don’t moisturize your hair. It’s hair. It isn’t even alive. Just clean it every now and then and you’ll be fine.

On a different topic altogether, I came across the Star Wars Holiday Special earlier today. What a horrible video! Even worse than Episode I if you can believe it. It has a bunch of these horribly long boring scenes, like Chewbacca Jr. watching TV, or Mrs. Chewbacca cooking dinner. Soooo boring. Not recommended viewing.

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  1. rathika

    imho dove moisturiser works perfect for me! but i use it only after shampooing. my hair gets dry and frizzy after shampoo but with dove moist. it is manageable and not frizzy!! thanks to it..

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