Day #9 – June 11, 2006 – Gumballs

So I looked at the clock and noticed I needed to take a picture so I just shot a crappy one off real quick. Its a gumball machine.

Today I have spent most of my time watching Dead Zone. Skip past a few inappropriate parts and its a very interesting show. I’m waiting for season 2 to download now. It is SO frustrating waiting for a download to finish. Egh. Totally frustrating. Oh well.

Almost worked a bit on I really need to get that site back up and running. Soon. Very soon. I promise. Maybe. Umm.

I registered today. I could’ve sworn it was already registered, but apparantly not, so now it is. Not sure what I’ll do with it. I think it will be my “professional” personal page. You know, with like a resume and samples of my work and stuff like that. I’m thinking going mainly greyscale (but no, or very limited, black) with it using vivid colors as highlights of the important elements on the page (like headings or something). We’ll see.

Also have spent some time researching myself on Google. Put in a few requests for comment/page removals. Nothing terribly awful, but I have a few comments that reference an old page of mine, I had the page for a year, and then let it expire, and it was quickly purchased by a porn company. Now it is just parked, but I don’t want a domain that once hosted porn being associated with my name, so I’m trying to remove that kind of content. Luckily it doesn’t show up at, but I’m still having it removed anyway.

So thats pretty much it. Lazy day for sure. Well, I got a bit accomplished. I found some cool projects online I want to post eventually. Just gotta stop being lazy and start putting some sites up again. Maybe make some money off of ads or something.

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