Day #8 – June 10, 2006 – Ugly Sandles

Got some new sandles today. They are kind of gay looking, but at least they aren’t broken like my previous pair.

Also had to go to this pre-election meeting for the rovers to get ready for the election on Tuesday. It was rather dull, but I think I get paid for it, so no worries.

Today has been very laid back. Watched a couple movies. Started watching Dead Zone from 01×01. Pretty interesting show. But I’m only on episode four and they haven’t gotten to the crazy jumping-to-the-future stuff yet, so we’ll see… (But best of all it has that girl from DS9 in it :o)
Working on again. I gotta get the link submission tool up so I can start adding some sites a little easier so I can get a better feel of listings so I can actually make the listings functional and nice looking.

Anyways, thats it.

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