Day #7 – June 9, 2006 – Crash

So I went to bed at around 6 or 7am this morning, so today was rather shorter than most days. But I got a lot accomplished. Ann King’s site now has a live real estate search, a pretty snazzy Google Map (ironically with the help of the Yahoo Geocoding API), and an automatic updater script. The search results aren’t quite finished, and I need to update a few things here and there, but the bulk of the page is completed. Check it out at

So this picture is me crashing on the couch in the bonus room watching a bit of Stargate while waiting for the Dr. Who season finale to start. It was a kind of strange season finale, but good. I’m downloading Dead Zone season 1 right now. I saw an episode I downloaded for one of my dad’s co-workers and liked it so I’m going to watch the show.

But right now I’m going to watch a movie. And if I’m smart I’ll go to bed before my dad gets up to go to work. If I don’t slow down a bit then I’m going to crash and thats no fun at all. Nope not even a little fun. In fact it sucks quite a bit. So lets just avoid that unpleasant-ness.

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