Day #6 – June 8, 2006 – Um. Yeah.

Yeah so nothing interesting happened today. I spent the majority of the day working on Ann’s website. I’m really putting a lot more into than I’m getting paid to, but it has been a ton of fun! For example, today I wrote a script to automatically connect to an FTP site, determine which files are needed, download the files, uncompress the files, move the pictures where they need to be (and change all the filenames to lowercase for convenience), truncate a few tables, load the tables with the updated tab-seperated files, and then delete all the temp and leftover files so it looks like nobody was ever there. And to make it even cooler, I have a script running that will automatically run the former script every 24 hours without even using cron! AND theres more! An addition to the script I made tonight automatically goes through and corrects a few dozen realtor mistakes (such as incorrect city spellings). I should hopefully have everything done tomorrow so I can post a link and you can check it out and be amazed at my elite cut-and-paste skills.

So the picture. That is a picture of a scar I got when I was a young child living in Michigan. Basically I stole a letter opener from my grandpa, proceeded to use it to cut cardboard (out of boredom I guess), and ended up slashing my wrist. I vividly remember standing there, in my room, watching my wrist-innards oozing out, and wondering which would be worse: confessing and getting yelled at, or covering up my wrist and pretending nothing happened. I obviously chose to confess, because it was definitely in need of some medical attention. But something good did come from all of this! I will never ever forget which had is left and which is right (I’m left handed, and obviously if I were to cut myself, I’d be holding the knife in my left hand. Therefore, the wrist with the scar must be my right wrist.).

Anyways it is like 4:46am and I’m pretty beat. I’m just waiting for 5:00am so I can see if my script actually runs like I think it should. Cause if it runs into problems I’d rather fix them while I still know what the script is doing (I’m not the greatest and documenting my code).

Anyways, good night.

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