Day #5 – June 7, 2006 – I'm FAT!

Allright I’m not really fat. But I’ve definitely gained weight. I used to weigh only 138 pounds, and now I’m an astounding 145 pounds. Thats like 8 pounds. If I were a girl I’d be freaking out right now. Luckily I’m a skinny white guy who doesn’t really care.

But seriously, I think I’d like to start running in the morning. This of course would require actually waking up at a time that could be considering morning. But we have this “rail trail” near my house. Basically its a paved path through a swamp, but its really quite nice. I’m not sure how long it is though. I’ll have to bring a GPS with me or something and figure it out. I’m thinking starting out small, maybe a mile or two, and then working up to six or seven miles a day would be awesome. In reality I probably won’t do it, but its nice to pretend.

So today has been boring. I’ve been working on Ann King’s website all day. It is turning out AWESOME. Seriously. I hope they like it because it really is a thousand times better than the competition and it isn’t even done yet. I’m using Open Rico for the search page so the user can pick which search options they want without switching pages. And I’m using some DHTML with a mortgage calculator to make it magically appear inline with the rest of the content so there is no need for a useless pop-up. And I figured out how to do the auto-untarring and all auto-database loading. Only thing I need to figure out now is how to auto get the files from the FTP server. Hmm…

We had mutual tonight (and I forgot my camera. freak.) but no one showed up so it was rather pointless. Seriously. This calling is pointless. But I guess I’ll do the best I can with it until we move.

Anyways, thats life.

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