Day #4 – June 6, 2006 – HURRY! TAKE THE PICTURE!

Boy what a day.

So I didn’t wake up until around 11:30am. Thats not really out of the ordinary. Sometimes I’m not even up until 1:00pm. Guess if I get that job I’ll have to actually go to sleep and wake up at reasonable hours. Bummer.

Got to work on my computer. Got a TON done on Ann King’s website. I was dreading even having to start working on it, but it has actually been pretty fun. And it is turning out awesome. I implemented Lightbox v2 to handle the real estate photos, which adds a lot to the usefulness of the page (nobody wants to spawn a thousand pages when looking at real estate photos). Still working on the function to handle the displaying of the thumbnails. I need to run a function to figure out how many photos there are for each MLS listing, and then I need to resize the photos (and probably do some automatic touch-up so they don’t look like crap), and finally they need displayed on the page. But trust me. It looks cool. Unfortunately I haven’t even started on the search code.

Eventually I left and got a haircut. I wanted to take my daily pic getting the haircut, but I forgot my camera at home. Oops.

After that to the bank, and finally to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart made me so mad today. First, I get a gimp cart that decides it wants to drive to the left, so I’m fighting this stupid cart the whole time. And then there are 10 billion people in the store, so I have to fight my gimp cart around all of them, including this idiot little girl that kept showing up EVERYWHERE and she wasn’t wearing shows so I had to be careful not to smash her feet. And to top it all of, they were OOS on like 5 items I wanted. Man I HATE going to the store only to find the things I want aren’t there. Especially when it is all the way across town. Egh. Oh well. I got some Donut Sticks. Man those things are tasty.

So all tonight I’ve pretty much just been working on Ann’s website. It is going to be beautiful. Stunning even. I’ll tell you when it is done.

So I was talking to my dad, and I glanced at the clock, and it said 11:53pm. And I was like, “OH NO!”. And I ran upstairs and grabbed my camera and tossed it to him and I was like “HURRY! TAKE THE PICTURE!”. And he was a bit confused but he took the picture. It didn’t come out very well and has nothing to do with what I did today, but at least I got it.

To be honest, these pictures suck. Maybe once I get a life outside of the 5×5 space that my desk occupies there will be some good pictures. But until then, oh well. I never said a picture-a-day would be interesting.

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