Day #3 – June 5, 2006 – Must finish database. Stupid IDX.

Well I shaved. Thats a step in the right direction. I was going to get a haircut, too, but realized I didn’t have any clean clothes, and by the time I woke up and got some laundry done it was too late to go get a haircut. Maybe tomorrow.

So what I’ve been working today is finishing up the IDX database to hold the data obtained via the local real estate board’s FTP site so I can integrate it into Ann King’s website. It has been a horrible pain in the butt. For example, the comma-delimited text file for the residential listings has 107 fields. Already a pain because I have to manually type these in to create the database. To make it even more annoying, about halfway through I realized that some of the fields weren’t listed in the real estate board’s key, and they are just blank null fields. So I had to start over. Didn’t make me very happy, I’ll tell you that. But I pretty much have the database done and have a good idea of how I want to automatically load the daily text files, so all I have to do is finish up the PHP code to actually make all the data useful.

So about the picture. A few things of interest. On the very far left you can barely see the beautiful Dell 3100cn Color Networked Laser Printer that resides in my room. What a beast! Measuring 21 inches tall, and with quite a large footprint, it is hard to miss.

You can also see my ghetto speakers (well at least one of them). My sister took my nice 5.1 surround sound speakers and broke them recently, so all I have left are these crappy 2.0 speakers. But they work good enough I suppose.

That little shiny thing below the clock and a little to the right is my Archos AV700 Mobile DVR. Now THAT is a fun toy. This little guy has a 40GB hard drive, and 7 inch screen, and can hook directly up to TV’s, DVD players, and computers so you can save audio, video, and pictures to it. I’m watching Saving Private Ryan on it right now.

The large glowing thing I’m staring into is my monitor. I currently have it vertical so I can view more rows of my database at one time while I’m working on it. Also makes reading webpages much easier. Apparantly it was a little too bright for the camera though. I really want to get a new digital SLR but haven’t the money yet. Maybe when I get that job where my dad works…

Thats about it. Boring picture for a boring day.

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