Day #2 – June 4, 2006 – We should be doing something right now. I'm sure of it.

One of my favorite quotes from Daria:

Janes: We should be doing something right now. I’m sure of it.
Yeah, I think you’re right.

I don’t remember the context of that quote, but thats how I’ve felt all day. Yesterday we pulled up all the linoleum (sp?) from our kitchen and laundry room in order to replace it with some cheap fake tile stuff. Somehow our house grew or the linoleum shrunk or something, but it is/was in desperate need of replacing, and since we are trying to get the house ready to sell, now is the time to fix it. But I haven’t worked on it today. I’ve been in my room most of the day actually. I’ve heard some hammering and stuff. And was told not to walk in there. Appears there is some goop on the seams between boards. Not sure what they are doing. But I really feel I should be doing something to get the house ready to sell.

But I’m not doing anything. Nothing important, anyways. I got my bag of popcorn for the day (you can see me holding it if you look close enough) and almost have an episode of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex downloaded that I haven’t seen yet. And I really need to shave. And get a haircut. Should probably shower, too. Maybe tonight. Not much of a during-the-day kind of guy. I prefer from about 10PM to 4PM to get stuff done. Its quieter. And I’m often tired enough that my mind can ignore the unpleasant and focus on individual tasks.

One more Daria quote:

Helen: Daria, the easiest thing in the world for you is being honest about what you observe.
Daria: And…
Helen: What’s hard for you is being honest about your wishes. About the way you think things should be, not the way they are. You gloss over it with a cynical joke and nobody finds out what you really believe in.
Daria: Aha! So my evil plan is working.

Okay I lied. One more quote after the last one more quote (Daria rocks):

Daria: I can’t believe we’re doing this. And aren’t teacher’s addresses confidential?
Jane: Not when you’ve got the web. Actually I just looked it up in the phone book, but ‘the web’ sounds so cool.

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