Day #10 – June 12, 2006 – YAWN

Today has been one giant YAWN. BORING. Totally boring. Oh well. Thats life.

Spent most of the day watching Dead Zone. Great show.

Also spent some time working on a fake name generating webpage. It currently has 88,799 surnames, 4,275 female first names, and 1,219 male first names. This means it can produce 379,615,725 unique female names and 108,245,981 unique male names for a whopping 487,861,706 unique names. Thats nearly half a billion names! I highly doubt I’ll be able to find any additional unique names to add to it.

Eventually I’ll probably add some additional information to the service, such as a quick, but valid, throw-away email address generator, and perhaps even a fake, but valid, mailing address generator.

These things come in super handy when filling out a form that you don’t trust.

Anyways, tomorrow is election day and I’m a rover so I’m gonna be working like all freaking day so I’m going to go to bed. Gotta be up early tomorrow.

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