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Yikes I’ve been busy! Let’s see… what has happened lately:

Well I moved to Columbia. No not that country in South America. The capital of South Carolina. Didn’t you people have to learn state capitals in school? Jeesh. Anyways. I’m living here in an apartment with no TV, no internet (well, sort of.. I have a wifi card and the people around me have internet, so I’m sort of borrowing a bit of internet until the cable gets hooked up…), no washer/dryer (they were supposed to be here when we got here, but they weren’t. so they were supposed to be here today, but they aren’t. and they are supposed to be here monday, but I doubt it.), and no… umm… uhh… *looking around for anything else that might be missing* no breadmaker. Thats right. No freaking breadmaker. Stupid apartment. How the crap am I supposed to live without a breadmaker? Jeesh.

But anyways I’m hopefully gonna start looking for a duplex or four-plex or something-or-other soon and buy it. It would be nice to have something a little more permanent.

But I got a job. So now I’m a little more busy. I work from 9am to 5pm in downtown Columbia (well, I drive my brother to school, so I get to work at around 8am and play on the internet for 45 minutes or so…) at an ISP. Right now I’m doing like tier2/tier3 tech support, a bit of web development (real basic kid stuff.. nothing special..), some server admin stuff (trying to fix the spam situation on our mail servers), and testing DSL modems. Fun fun. Quite a variety actually. Its fun though. Joey works in the office across from mine. Well, across from the boss’s office, actually. My office is currently occupied by another employee, so until that employee is gone, I am borrowing the boss’s office, which works out because he is out of town. Not sure whats going to happen when he gets back in town. In fact, I haven’t even met the boss in person yet. Not even sure what he looks like. I kind of picture a guy who is maybe average height, a bit skinny, always smiling (or at least grinning), and constantly on his cell phone. One of those people who can’t hold still for 5 minutes. Probably the kind of person who looks you straight in the eye when talking to you. Sort of a salesman kind of person. But honestly I don’t have a clue cause I’ve never met the man.

Joey, by the way, served in the same mission that I did. He is pretty good with computers. We are hopefully going to work on a few projects together (outside of work) and make some money. We both have some great webpage ideas, and both would be much easier to accomplish with our different areas of expertise combined, so a partnership should work great.

So downtown Columbia is weird. From one spot you can see 5 or 6 parking garages, all on the same street, all real close to each other, none even close to capacity. Kind of silly really. And then they want like $150/month to park there. Yeah right. Parking on the street is only $35/month. For over $100/month price difference I think I can walk a block or two. They aren’t even real city blocks. They are these weak sauce wussy blocks. Tiny. And half of downtown is made up of churches. I’d say downtown consists of:

  • 40% church
  • 40% parking garage
  • 15% food
  • 5% office

I don’t know how it finances itself. I guess the food industry is what keeps it going. Or the churches. Maybe the city makes everyone pay tithing or something. I don’t know.

Anyways, I should probably go to bed or something. I’m pretty tired. And I have to sleep in tomorrow, and you know how exhausting that can be. So goodnight.

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  1. Glad to hear you got the job. Being from Columbia, I defintely have to agree with the percentages you have given there for church/parking, etc. And you can mark it as a fair certainty, the Southern Baptist Convention tithing intake is what keeps that town running; that and the percentage of government welfare streaming in for those living below the poverty level who continue to procreate and cruise around town all day in Cadillacs with the full gold package. Uh oh, I think my redneck side might start to show now. Anyway, I know you will be shocked if you read the MySpace. And thanks for letting me steal pics from your site; it is out of respect that I make it a point to mention who I am referring to in each photo. Didn’t want to embarrass you ;) Don’t worry, your secrets are safe with me. You can spread mine around if ya like.
    Seriously though, I wish ya all the best at the new job! Do I need to send a breadmaker down to ya?

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