Bleh.. I feel terrible.

Yeah I feel like crap. My heart has been acting funny the past couple days. Its that darn mitral valve prolapse crap I think. Stupid defective heart. Oh well. It normally calms down after a few days.

Yup my life is dull. Been working on the Fake Name Generator some more. Its a fun little project. Up to 11 name sets and 14 countries. And I almost have Germany done (Taking WAY longer than expected. Dumb Germany and their weird telephone system…). Probably the most fun has been learning about other countries. For example, Iceland gave up on area codes a few years back. I guess they decided it was kind of pointless when they don’t even have half a million citizens. So instead they use a 7-digit number. Found a cool little grid that explains which numbers are which. Looks like not even half the possible numbers are allocated for use. Crazyness.

Which reminds me: I hate Internet Explorer. It is such a crappy browser. Why would anyone program a browser to pad a form by default? Thats just retarded. I bring this up because I took a look at FNG using IE and the layout was botched because stupid IE decided it wanted to pad the form elements. So I had to modify the CSS to make it look right. Not a huge hassle, but it is something that shouldn’t have to be done.

So I’m almost done watching Andromeda. Man that show sucks. I loved it as a kid, but I don’t know why. The plot sucks and the dialogue is terrible. But season 5 is quite different than the first 4 seasons, and I’m interested to see where it goes, so I’ll suffer through and finish the series. I think I’ll start Highlander next… Or Simpsons. That’d keep me busy for a while.

Just in case you think I’m a lazy slack who watches TV all day, I really don’t WATCH most of these shows.. Generally I just listen while I’m working on something. Generally I’ll watch like the first few minutes to get the story line and then maybe flip back during the climax of the episode. Most TV isn’t entertaining enough to actually WATCH from beginning to end. And in the rare event that I do watch a full episode, it is generally more of a break so my mind can step back and look at whatever I am working on from a different perspective.

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