Be realistic!

So Joey likes to read self-improvement books, and one of these books had an optimism/pessimism test in it. It is a pretty interesting test comprised of 48 questions. Each question has two possible answers, and both answers are extremely similiar, making it VERY hard to “cheat” on the test. Each answer is assigned either a 1 or a 0, and a three letter code. Once you finish answering the questions, you add up the 1’s for each three letter code, giving you 6 numbers in 2 categories. (Sounds complicated, but once you do it once, it makes sense.) One category is pessimistic, and one category is optimistic. You can then add up the optimistic’s and subtract the pessimistic’s to get your overall score. A high number, like 10, means you are very optimistic. A low number, like 0, means you are very very pessimistic.

I scored -4.

And then a few days later I took it again. I scored -6.

So obviously I’m not Mr. Optimism, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You see, those 3 categories can say a lot about you.

The first category is… ummm… I forgot what this one is called. Basically, my score indicated that I feel that if one thing goes wrong, everything is going to go wrong. And in the real world, this is often right. If, for example, your billing secretary quits, then you probably have more problems than just a missing billing secretary. You now have more workload for your other employees. You have upset customers receiving a lower quality of service. You’ll have a harder time getting things going again with the new secretary because their initial workload is going to be so heavy. Get my point?

At first, this may appear to be a bad thing. But if you EXPECT everything to go to crap, then you can prepare for it and minimize the damage.

The second category is permanance (I think thats what it is called). My score indicated that although bad things do happen, they don’t last forever. So going back to the billing secretary example, I recognize that eventually things will get fixed, and this provides a ray of hope.

The third category is self-… ummm… blame? Man I suck at remembering names. Anyways, my score indicated that when bad things happen, I blame myself. Again, this may seem bad at first, but it is a VERY good thing, in my opinion. If I make a webpage for you and it gets hacked because of a mistake on my part, would you prefer I blame myself or blame you?

So really, the scores you want depend on what field of work you are in. As a computer person, when things do go to crap, and they do eventually get better, and when my apps break it is my fault, my scores are perfect.

Well, maybe a few points low.

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