What is my IP?

This past weekend I found a fun domain name for a project: ipaddr.es. Yeah, it is missing an “s” at the end, but I think it is still a fun domain.

So I threw up a “what is my IP” style page and am having some fun with it.

What makes IP Addr.es better than the competition? A few things:

  • The IP address is the primary element on the page, located in a big, modern-looking green box.
  • The IP address is included in the page title. I’m surprised how few “What is my IP” sites do this…
  • You can get your private IP. I only found one other site that does this.
  • Each page has a “How does this page work?” link at the bottom that explains what you need to do to copy me. For example, the private IP “how does it work” page includes the source to the Java applet I am using, and explains how to use it.

It has been up less than a week so it isn’t as feature-packed as I hope to get it, but it is already bringing in some ad revenue, which is always a good encouragement to keep adding features. I have a few ideas of basic things to add:

  • Basic internet tools (ping, trace, reverse DNS, hostname resolver)
  • DNS record lookup
  • Spam IP blacklist check
  • Domain WHOIS (maybe.. these tend to get abused by spammers..)
  • Basic encode/decode features (URL, base64)
  • Maybe some basic bin/dex/hex converters..

Anyways, what do you think? Check it out at IP Addr.es and let me know!

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