PIC Code Site

When my wife leaves town, I like to spend my time working on websites. With her out of town checking out Rice University, I put some time into a project I’ve been meaning to do for a few months.

A while back I found this site, a very old school ghetto PIC/CIC search site. Having had a lot of success with the ABA Number Lookup and the Fake Name Generator — both data-driven sites — I decided to make my own PIC site.

I used jQuery and a few plugins, and came up with this. I couldn’t find a good domain for it, so I re-used an old one I’ve had forever. My wife is going to make a logo for me, and once that is done I’ll start driving traffic to it.

Anyways, suggestions are welcome. I know it isn’t perfect, but not bad for being thrown up in less than 24 hours and definitely quite an improvement over that other site. Check it out at AllredTech.com.

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