Fake Name Generator

UPDATE: Here are the latest updates (Including Canadian and Australian addresses!)
My fake name generator is somewhat up and running. Very very rough draft. But it works!

It generates:

  • First and last name
  • Valid city, state, and zip code
  • Telephone number with area code/prefix that match the generated city
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Birthday

Working on adding in valid full addresses, but that is a lot tougher. There aren’t really any random address generators out there. Well, there are, but they don’t give you a random VALID address, which is important if the website you are using it at validates it using the USPS system.

Check it out: http://www.fakenamegenerator.com/

Some possible uses:

  • Signing up for paid offers (like affiliate programs that pay for leads) or those annoying free iPod pyramid schemes. If it doesn’t require you to actually get something shipped to you, then a real looking fake name/address from another state can be real useful.
  • Pseudonym to use as your online identity to avoid companies from seeing your colorful past. If you use an “unused” name, then it will be very easy to search for everything related to yourself using Google.
  • Load it (or a couple) into a form filler to quickly fill out junk mail forms. Very useful if they want you to refer 5 friends or whatever.
  • Fake websites to promote your own website. Work at least the city/state into it somewhere and it looks like people from all over the country are raving about your *insert something cool here*. Of course, thats a lot more work than I’d be willing to do. Maybe if I generate an XML API like someone suggested, it could be done automatically… Hmmm…
  • Sweepstakes site that is used to gather names/emails to sell. Use the fake names/addresses as the people who “win” your sweepstakes.
  • Umm. Thats it really. Not sure what else you’d use it for. Guess there are a lot of illegitimate uses… Oh well…


  • Added street address generation. Doesn’t always validate because it is just using common street names, but better than nothing. Validation coming soon!
  • Added female/male selection.
  • Added saved identities.
  • Added middle initial. Weighted middle initial coming soon!
  • Added weighted first and last names. This means that “Smith” should appear MUCH MUCH MUCH more often than something like “Abdulmuniem”. Hopefully this gives names that are more usable.


  1. Great addition, we’d love to offer this directly to our members on our site! Any widget plans?

    Reply: I have a basic API available that is easy to use if you know basic PHP. I will be updating it soon to reflect the new country and email options. I’ve never made a widget before, and wouldn’t really know where to start… I’ll do a search on Google though and see what I can come up with…

  2. Very cool. Thank you.

  3. Completely awesome!

    I’m waiting for Abu Mahasapetalan from Kwikimart to turn up :)

  4. As far as address validation, you could probably pass the address to local.google.com ;)

    It should pick up an “invalid” address.

  5. really real name!!

    ummm, where exactly is the False Identity Generator? There doesn’t seem to be any download link to it or link to a page where it is at or anything. This page just talks about it, but doesn’t actually have the generator anywhere. Is the fake identity generator fake too? lol

    Edit: It’s at http://www.fakenamegenerator.com/

  6. Can prove to be a great tool to those, who are into generating fake email ids.

  7. Tank you – great!! Do you generate International ID’s?

  8. You are my hero. Now I can do stuff like CashCrate without worrying about junk shit coming in my mailbox. The address validilty is really the only thing I have a problem with.

  9. Stephen Dubuque

    I just found this site on “random site news.”
    This is going to be very helpfil for wesites that require information.
    If I may add a helpful comment users can also use a random password generator also.That way you have a phony password also.
    My only question is the possibility of identity theft.
    If these are real social ssecurity numbers, visa numbers etc. are real.
    Don’t het me wrong I will use theses names and adresses myself.
    But only for places where I have to sign up for something.

  10. Fake Namer

    Great to see tools that help thieves

  11. You must be joking! This is virtually worthless!

  12. hi i need a need identity i gamble on the net but those bookies don’t like winners so after a while they either close your account or limit it to say $10 per bet,useless, so i need to open another account with name / bank account /email / credit card etc etc as they require photo id before any withdrawals are made, what to do ?(i like that guy who uses bill gates address ,great, what is it?) don

  13. Hello,

    I like your approach, BUT, will not the clever people STILL identify my computer by its properties?

    It seems some sites do this so that when I use two different email ads and usernames, for say a quote for some job, and retrieve the quotes, BOTH turn up under the first used username.

    That’s what I experienced recently.

    Does your program overcome this?

    Thanks in advance – Ad

  14. This website uses e-mails of the same provider. If the survey system catches onto them then it would be useless later.

  15. Shadow ID

    Might come in handy online so when someone steals your identity they have only your false identity !

  16. You know, this is also good for writers who need to generate character details. I’m working with an author who has to create several fake mailing addresses for his novel, and I’m going to direct him to this site. Thanks so much!


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