Fake Name Generator

UPDATE: Here are the latest updates (Including Canadian and Australian addresses!)
My fake name generator is somewhat up and running. Very very rough draft. But it works!

It generates:

  • First and last name
  • Valid city, state, and zip code
  • Telephone number with area code/prefix that match the generated city
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Birthday

Working on adding in valid full addresses, but that is a lot tougher. There aren’t really any random address generators out there. Well, there are, but they don’t give you a random VALID address, which is important if the website you are using it at validates it using the USPS system.

Check it out: http://www.fakenamegenerator.com/

Some possible uses:

  • Signing up for paid offers (like affiliate programs that pay for leads) or those annoying free iPod pyramid schemes. If it doesn’t require you to actually get something shipped to you, then a real looking fake name/address from another state can be real useful.
  • Pseudonym to use as your online identity to avoid companies from seeing your colorful past. If you use an “unused” name, then it will be very easy to search for everything related to yourself using Google.
  • Load it (or a couple) into a form filler to quickly fill out junk mail forms. Very useful if they want you to refer 5 friends or whatever.
  • Fake websites to promote your own website. Work at least the city/state into it somewhere and it looks like people from all over the country are raving about your *insert something cool here*. Of course, thats a lot more work than I’d be willing to do. Maybe if I generate an XML API like someone suggested, it could be done automatically… Hmmm…
  • Sweepstakes site that is used to gather names/emails to sell. Use the fake names/addresses as the people who “win” your sweepstakes.
  • Umm. Thats it really. Not sure what else you’d use it for. Guess there are a lot of illegitimate uses… Oh well…


  • Added street address generation. Doesn’t always validate because it is just using common street names, but better than nothing. Validation coming soon!
  • Added female/male selection.
  • Added saved identities.
  • Added middle initial. Weighted middle initial coming soon!
  • Added weighted first and last names. This means that “Smith” should appear MUCH MUCH MUCH more often than something like “Abdulmuniem”. Hopefully this gives names that are more usable.


  1. seriously tho

    Are you serious? Thanks!

  2. Yeah man, why hasn’t this already been done? ARE WE READY?

  3. Great for the whole family!

  4. I am always in need of a new name. Thanks to the fake name generator I am never stumped when some asks my for my personal info. I am looking forward to the fake S.S. generator.
    Your Captain

  5. Elijahblue

    MOST cool dude. Looking forward to seeing you fill out the features here. Useful as hell for messin with people, social engineering and creating names for those damned ‘free iPod’ websites. heh

  6. Yeah I’ve sometimes registered on sites that don’t allow you to select my country (UK) for whatever reason. The option is not there so I’ve been forced to use United States and try to guess a valid zip code (12345 wasnt working).

    This should come in handy for next time.

  7. 12345 doesn’t work, but I’ve found that 15243 does (its in Pennsylvania)
    If a zip code isn’t enough, I use Bill Gates address, or GWB’s, and if that doesn’t work, I grab a random address off of zabasearch.
    I have to wonder how many addresses on zabasearch are real tho, because according to zabasearch there are a dozen guys named Haywood Jablowme.

  8. Have you thought about making this generate International ID’s?

  9. @LOCKDOWN: Yeah, I thought about it. I could easily do it for other US territories (like Puerto Rico) and for Canada, but other than that I don’t have access to any city/postal code database. Heck, I don’t even know how their phone numbers work. I’m assuming there is something equivalent to an area code everywhere, but thats just guessing.

    But if you have access to any kind of database that has city/state/postal code information that can be ripped into a SQL/CSV/whatever dump, then I’d be happy to make international versions.

  10. Cool! I hope you don’t mind that I posted this at http://www.adelaider.com/?thread=7192 :D

  11. Next step : Ask for the ethnicity, sex and generate names accordingly.

  12. Can you use the USPS to generate random addresses?

  13. George W. Bush

    I never liked my last name…

  14. GreatStuff

    Great way to pollute the mailing lists of junk mail marketers. Make them spend extra on postage, increase USPS revenues (reduce our taxes), and reduce junk mail overall. If it becomes unprofitable for them to send junk mail, they\’ll stop doing it.

    Publish the source dude.

  15. Luther Teager

    Oklahoma has a 580 area code, but it’s not in Oklahoma City.

    REPLY: 580 has 600 prefixes, several of which can be considered Oklahoma City. These are probably areas that are actually located in the county.

  16. No chance of having a url for each name? You could use a seed number which would generate the name, etc.?

  17. this is kinda fun. you should have the page generate a link to a google maps page as well, so you can see if the address is valid.

    REPLY: I was actually thinking about doing that. I’m trying to find a way to validate it against the post office and just regenerate the address if it isn’t valid.

  18. Marshall

    When people ask for an address, I always use:
    1060 West AddisionChicago, IL 60613

  19. codeninja

    Actually, I need this, do you think I could get the code for this or maybe an XML API of the name and data???

    We create websites for companies, and this would be great to use to generate and auto populate our databases for testing…

    how about just a CSV dump of a few thousand names???

    please, let me know.

  20. Not that it matters, but 12345 is the zip code for General Electric Co. in Schenectady, NY. When Thomas Edison was creating the zip codes for the US, he gave his company that number.

  21. So what would you use this for? Could be a good way to fight back against junk mail.

  22. Would be handy to have it hooked up to Google Maps as well.

  23. Btw, I totally second Codeninja’s request for an API or something for this, heck even a bunch of 10,000 line csv files for populating db’s for application testing purposes, that would totally rock.

  24. Only thing this is missing is the ability to pick what nationality you want the name in.

  25. Great Service!!! I’m going to use this for all those phising scams. Let the suxors track THAT back!

  26. How come you don’t then attach the fake name to a disposible email address… so if it generates “John Smith” then it would generate “John.Smith@pookmail.com” or any other selectable disposable email and could also populate that into the form(s) as well. Really easy and quick feature to add.

  27. When you click “here” in “Like your name? You can always view this specific name and address here” it changes the credit card number/expriation date.

    Reply: Yeah. I should probably update the saved identities table, but haven’t gotten around to it. Probably gonna wait a week or two until I get all the features nailed down that I want, in the format that I want, and then I’ll flush the saved identities table and start from scratch. Or something.

  28. fax number?


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