Fake Name Generator Premium

I recently had a dilemma: I want my Fake Name Generator visitors to have the option of using SSL, but a lot of the ads on that site only work on non-SSL pages. Giving away my services essentially for free wasn’t appealing, so instead of I created Fake Name Generator Premium.

For $1.99/year, paid in Bitcoin, my Premium subscribers get:

  • All ads removed from the Fake Name Generator.
  • They get to use the https URL to access the site. This helps get around filters and keeps browsing secure.
  • I remove the Google Analytics code from all pages and the sharing buttons. This makes the page faster and more private.
  • I double the names the visitor can order using the free bulk order tool.
  • I remove the captcha from the free bulk order tool, to make ordering easier and faster.

I’ve been debating adding some additional features, such as a free low volume API key.

I decided to go with Bitcoin because I don’t want to deal with chargebacks and returns. This site attracts a lot of unsavory and/or less-than-smart people that don’t really understand what my site does or what the fake credit card numbers on my site are meant for.

I’m using Coinbase to handle the payment process. It was incredibly easy to implement, and handles pretty much everything for me. It determines how much $1.99 is in Bitcoin, handles the payment, notifies my site of the payment, and optionally converts the Bitcoin into US dollars.

I was able to knock out this entire project in a single evening, mainly thanks to Coinbase. My site was already designed with an on/off switch for ads, so it was easy to add a few lines of code to turn off ads across the site for Premium subscribers.

I’m averaging one sale a day with almost no advertising. I’m planning on promoting it a bit, which will hopefully increase sales.

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