A new homepage for my baby girl

I’m one of those weird techie dads that thinks everyone in the family should have their own domain name, so I bought a domain for my daughter shortly before she was born.

I’ve struggled to know what to put on it. I don’t really want yet another blog to maintain (I barely maintain the ones I already have) and she isn’t old enough to have created any content of her own. A picture gallery doesn’t seem useful when it is so much easier to just use Facebook for sharing photos. So what to do?

Last night I had a great idea: a personal landing page. A simple page that says who she is, has a photo of her, and links to a few sites that are likely to provide some interesting reading to family and friends. So this morning I whipped up something that I think turned out pretty dang cute. Check it out at AnnaAllred.net (the .com was already taken).

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  1. Mike Miller

    Let me start off by saying I work with Rachel in Roanoke (i’m the IT specialist) and she talks about your various projects and sites quite often and I have been meaning to come over and take a look around because what you are doing is exactly what I want to be doing :).

    Anyway, I had to comment on this post because I, too, am one of those weird techie dads and bought my daughters domain name just after she was born! I have two boys also, but they were born before my IT career (or interest even) so they are pretty much out of luck, but they both have very uncommon names so the domains are still probably available.

    As far as Lydia’s site goes (my daughter), i have been paying for the domain for 5 years now, but havent done anything with it yet. Like you, I couldn’t initially figure out what to do with it that was useful at all. However, I liked the idea of creating a private blog where I wrote to her over the years. Then Google had to go and put that idea on a commercial so now it just seems like I would be a copier! Serioulsy though, good to “talk” with you after having heard so much from Rachel. I will be back to learn more…

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