Anna’s YouTube channel

A few weeks ago Anna was having a blast teaching her mom how to make a necklace with some paper and string. It was so cute seeing her explain things that we decided to make a video of it. This quickly led to us making several videos, and deciding to make a whole YouTube channel.

She loves making videos! At least a few times a week she’ll randomly say her signature “Hi, I’m Anna!” as if she is making a video. She puts a lot of work into learning about our filming locations and topics so she can teach her viewers.

I’ve had a lot of fun learning how to mix video clips together, fix audio problems, do a bit of grading, and use my camera more effectively. I have a ton to learn, and a million dollars of equipment I’d love to buy, but it has been so fun so far. I’m using the Adobe Creative Cloud. It always amazes me at what can be done with just a few mouse clicks.

Her latest video was filmed at the Congaree National Park in South Carolina. We ran into problems with the weather (it was cold!), crowds, and noisy family members. But I think it turned out alright. Check it out on YouTube.


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