Updated Cost of Food Page

I’ve updated my Cost of Food page to allow you to define who is in your family. So, for example, you can say that your family has one male age 19-50, one female age 19-50, and one child age 2-3. My cost of food calculator will use USDA data to determine the average national monthly cost of food for 4 different pricing plans for your specific family. It will graph this data and show you how the price of food has gone up and down since September 1997. Hover over the graph and you can view specific pricing for any month.

I’ve written some code to keep this automatically updated as new data is released by the USDA, and am working and fleshing out some additional features (ability for the site to remember who is in your family, maybe some sort of notification when new data is available, etc).

Check it out on the Cost of Food page.

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