Traffic Goals

Building websites is fun, but what is the point if nobody goes to them? I’d love to increase my traffic but it is hard to get motivated or track progress without a goal.

So to give myself a goal and to help encourage myself to promote my sites better, I’ve set up a little feature on this blog that will automatically pull my Google Analytics stats (using some code by Chris Hope) for some of my sites and compare the traffic to the website for the company I currently work for (listed as “baseline”). My goal is to get more traffic for each of my little side projects than my employer gets to their fancy uber-expensive website.

This feature is located above the list of books I’m reading in the column to the right. As you can see, my Fake Name Generator is absolutely demolishing the competition by receiving an astounding 2,435% of the unique visitors that the baseline receives. Not too bad!

However, The Awkward Turtle isn’t doing so hot at 1%. This poor little guy is perhaps too awkward to get going, but I’d love to try so that is why he is on the list.

Why doesn’t it list actual traffic numbers, you ask? My goal isn’t to embarrass or hurt the company I work for, but rather to help motivate myself to do better. The actual numbers are completely irrelevant to that goal.

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