I have retired.

I think it would be good to give my definition of retirement before going any further with this post: To me, retirement is having the freedom to do whatever you want without having to worry about the consequences of not getting something done. For example, the freedom to go on a week long car trip without worrying about what is happening at work. Or the freedom to work on an unprofitable hobby for a few weeks without worrying about your income.

Starting today at 5PM, that is what I have. It is a goal I’ve had for a very long time, and one that I never imagined I’d be able to accomplish at age 26, but with the help of my wife and a lot of work on my home business, I made it!

I’ll still be doing some work for Affinity4 / Beliefnet / BN Media (my current employer), but that is mainly because: A) I really enjoy my work, and B) the company has treated me well over the past 5 years and they haven’t found a replacement for me yet.

So what am I going to be doing all day? Well, I have a baby that I’ll be taking care of. I’m sure that will take a fair amount of time. I’m going to be cooking the meals for my family, preparing breakfast in the morning, packing lunch for my wife, that sort of thing. I have a few mobile development opportunities that I’m looking into. I’ll be continuing my “one new website a month” goal. I’d like to start exercising more (who am I trying to kid, I don’t exercise at all right now).

I’d like to point out that retiring wasn’t even remotely possible 2.5 years ago when I got married. I’m now making more off my home business per month than I was per year when I got married. I didn’t make some magic website that instantly made me piles of money. The “secret” to my success is consistently creating new websites that require little to no maintenance, and that each make at least a few dollars per day in revenue.

My point is, this is something anyone can do. If you can’t program, buy a book on PHP and learn. Pick an easy project and do something. It doesn’t matter if your code isn’t ideal and your page is ugly, just build something.

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  1. Christopher Hansen

    Congrats! Just came across your blog and saw this post. You’ve reached an awesome milestone. One that magnifies the potential of your free agency. Enjoy the increased control over your time. Start exercising, not that I have room to speak on that, but also, I suggest setting or adding to a goal tied to your increased ability to spend time in the service of others. Actually, you don’t set the goal, you listen for it.

    Who am I to offer you any advice? I’ve been in a position to retire a few times since the mid 90’s. They all happened before I knew what hit me and were all a case of being in the right place at the right time, rather than the result of consistent, focused execution of a realistic plan.

    Our lifestyle moved up a few notches each time and I was just cherry picking consulting gigs to stay challenged. Then an event came out of left field which resulted in massive medical expenses and we were smacked back to about where we’d been at the beginning of our 16 year marriage. It was a bummer but I can make more money. The scary part was how our marriage was tested. Fortunately it survived, stronger than before, which is a blessing that can’t be measured in worldly value.

    Of course if you ask my mom, I should have been paying ALL my tithing – no matter how hard it is to write the big checks! But I’ve been humbled and can pay with gratitude now. Especially since I can pay with what I have in my wallet.

    OK. I just remembered the main reason I started this comment. It was to request that as your lifestyle changes you’ll keep this site updated with your thoughts, news on projects, interesting life events, etc. In other words, please keep blogging. I need some good bookmarks I can go to as I modify my habits towards an approach of consistent focus.

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