Cost of Food for a Family of Two

Recently my wife, Becca, and I were trying to come up with numbers for our monthly food budget, but weren’t sure how much to put in. During this process, Becca found a cool page from the USDA that provides monthly estimates for how much food should cost each month based on different budgets. For example, in October 2009, the USDA says a family of two with a moderate-cost food plan should expect to spend about $549.20 and a family with a thrifty plan should expect to spend about $346.20.

We looked over how much we had been spending in the past, and found that we typically spend less than the USDA low-cost plan and so we decided that we will just use that number as our monthly goal.

To make this easier for us to see how food prices are rising or falling, I took all the of USDA cost of food data and put it into a chart. Check it out here.

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