2011 Goal Update (June)

This is my sixth monthly report on how I’m doing with my goals for 2011:

  • Read the Book of Mormon again. I’m going to need to do a several hour reading marathon to catch up.
  • Earn as much from my side business as I do from my day job. June went well. I earned more in June than I did in May, even though June has one less day than May. Still on track!
  • Build a dining room table. Build a piano keyboard desk. Build something. Pretty soon I’ll have tons of time during the day to play with my tools, so this should get knocked out either in July or August.
  • Launch twelve new websites. Launched .htaccess Generator. I’m not very satisfied with it. I used a free script I found and improved on, but it is still pretty ugly and missing some of the functionality I want it to have. I’ll put more time into this down the road if it starts getting some traffic.

I’ve also been working on a few goals that I didn’t originally blog about:

  • Max out my 401k and Roth IRA contributions. The 401k is set up and automatically funding. I expect to have it maxed out in about a month. I’ve also been filling up our Roth IRAs.
  • Start an email newsletter. I’ve been planning on doing a dating tips newsletter to go along with The Awkward Turtle site, but I have a new site in mind that I’m pretty excited about and would work well with a newsletter, so maybe I’ll do that instead.
  • Create a game for mobile phones. Haven’t put any time into this yet.

Goals I’ve accomplished this year:

  • Become a dad. I’m a dad! Yay! My daughter Anna was born in late May.
  • Publish my first book. I’ve published my first book (paperback, Kindle, and Nook). Took me a couple years, and I already found 2 typos (grr!), but at least it is finally in print.
  • Paid my taxes. I make money from a lot of places which makes my taxes really complicated, so getting this finished was awesome. I also started paying quarterly taxes because my self-employed income has gotten pretty high. It is uber painful to write a big check every couple months to the IRS, but oh well, that is the cost of making money..
  • Get out of debt. We’ve paid off the last of Becca’s student loans which means we are now debt free! Yay!

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