Max out your Dropbox referrals for $5

Dropbox will give you up to 16GB of extra storage for life in exchange for referring people to Dropbox (500MB per person). If you are like me, you don’t know 32 people that: A) don’t have Dropbox, and B) want to signup for Dropbox. The solution? Use Fiverr!

I’m a huge fan of Fiverr. For $5-$20 you can get all sorts of menial tasks done, videos or graphics created, videos transcribed, etc. You can also, for just $5, get ALL of your Dropbox referrals in just an hour or two with no effort on your part. I’m lazy so that last bit is very important to me. Just click here, pay the $5, give the guy your referral link, and that is it! In a few hours you’ll have the maximum amount of credit available for referring people to Dropbox.

Click here to get up to 16GB of extra Dropbox storage for life for just $5. There are other sellers on Fiverr that do the same thing. I’ve only used this guy though so I can’t vouch for the other sellers.

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