Hide Kindle books on FatWallet

I like to browse FatWallet for hot deals and free stuff. Unfortunately, some people think every free or discounted Kindle book they find should get posted to the forums because it is the most amazing thing in the universe that you can get a poorly edited book about something you don’t even care about for free on the internet. Weeding through this crazy amount of junk can be time consuming, so instead I wrote a userscript to filter out anything with “kindle book” in the title.

To use it:

  1. Get a userscript manager for your browser. Popular options include Tampermonkey for Chrome, Greasemonkey for Firefox, and GreaseKit for Safari.
  2. Go to http://www.jacoballred.com/userscripts/fatwallet-kindle.user.js. If you have your userscript manager installed then you should be prompted to install the userscript.

That is it! Whenever you visit a FatWallet Hot Deals or Free Stuff page, Kindle books will be removed from the list of posts. This userscript is also on GitHub in case anyone wants to help make it better or just wants to make their own version.

I tried posting this on FatWallet because I know I’m not the only one annoyed by the flood of Kindle books (I’ve seen dozens of complaints but FatWallet doesn’t care) but my post was removed by a moderator. Seems there were a few issues: I’m not allowed to post my own stuff (that is reasonable I suppose), and they’d rather me exclude the entire books category using the forum’s built-in features rather than just hide Kindle books using a userscript (huh?). So, according to FatWallet, if you like real books but you don’t like garbage e-books, then maybe FatWallet isn’t the right forum for you.

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