Get a free .edu email address even if you aren’t a student

A lot of the best deals online are only for students. To make sure you are a student, you often have to enter your .edu email address. But what if you are a student without an .edu email address? I’m always taking courses online, studying technical manuals and books, and actively learning. I feel justified in wanting the same discount that traditional students are given.

This means I have a few options: 1) go back to “real” school, or 2) use this trick to get an .edu email address from California.

If you followed the instructions at that page, you now have an .edu email address. So what to do with it? Here are a few of my favorite deals:

  1. Amazon Student gives you 50% off of your Amazon Prime membership.
  2. Adobe Creative Cloud for 60% off the retail rate for students.
  3. Camtasia Studio for 40% off the retail rate for students.


  1. It gives a .net account now. Doesn’t work.

    • Weird. My inbox is showing .net now, but emailing the .edu still works. No idea if the .edu works for new signups, or if it will keep working for existing signups.

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