Verizon XV6700

The Bad Points

So no phone is perfect, and I’m a generally pessimistic guy, so we’ll start with the downsides of this phone.

First of all, the phone ships with several limitations. For example, it cannot, by default, be used as a tethered modem for your laptop. It also doesn’t allow you to use WiFi and make calls at the same time. Both these limitations can be overcome by using the MultiIssueFixer. Once the patch is installed, the phone works perfectly as a modem for your laptop, and also fixes that nasty no WiFi/phone at same time problem.

The second problem I ran into is the on-screen keyboard. This gizmo has a pop-out keyboard, so why would I want to use half of my screen as an on-screen keyboard? So why not just disable it? Well, Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, decided that everyone wants some sort of data entry and so they don’t allow you to disable it. But I found a fix at Pocket PC Magazine Forum! This article shows you how to install a null Software Input Panel (SIP). This SIP doesn’t show anything on the screen, so even if it is activated by the Pocket PC, it doesn’t actually do anything. Yay! Problem solved!

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