I love my Kreg Jig

A few years ago my parents got me the Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System. I thought it was neat but didn’t really have a use for it at the time, so sadly it has been sitting in a tub of random tools in my basement.

Now that I’m retired and have too much time on my hands I decided I wanted to try building some furniture. For my first venture I am working on a nightstand for my wife. The Kreg Jig has made it so much easier.

Yesterday I built the top (see photo) using three pieces of 1×6. It took about 15 minutes to cut the wood, drill the pocket holes, and screw the whole thing together. When Becca came home I of course wanted to show it off to her. It was so tightly and evenly put together that she thought it was a single solid piece of wood!

Thanks to my Kreg Jig, I should be able to finish the nightstand in the next few days during my baby’s nap times, and I won’t have to try to cover any nail holes (or errant hammer strikes).

I still have a bit to do.. I need to make a drawer, add a shelf, sand/stain/finish the whole thing, and attach the top to the base.

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