Jacob Allred

Yup. More annoying people ranting about the Fake Name Generator (which has moved to a more permanent URL, and has its own development blog). These people are ridiculous. All freaking out over “identity theft” and stuff. Seriously people. It is called Google. You can find a heck of a lot more useful information to use for identity theft using Google than you could using a fake name generator. Personally, I’m more concerned about public records, where sensitive information is legally posted online by government agencies. (Example: Florida state) Guess I’ll re-work the FAQ a bit to help ease some fears of the paranoid. And people, lay off the religion attacks. Seriously. Its lame.

So I sent in the fax to eBay (for the second time) to get my account reinstated a while back. Still waiting for a reply. It says up to 10 business days, so they still have some time. Man this is frustrating. By the way, have you heard about their annoying little no-Google-Checkout thing? Jeesh. eBay and Paypal (which is essentially the same thing). Nothing but trouble, but no decent competitors.

So I got on another podcast. I’m listening to it now to see what they’ll say about me. Hopefully nothing bad. The whole concept of podcasts are a bit strange to me. Basically a couple of random strangers talk about the headlines of digg and reddit and slashdot, and make money at it. Wouldn’t it be quicker just to read the headlines instead of listening to a 45 minute feed? (Bleh. They direct people to this blog instead of the actual site of the fake name generator.)

So my favorite bottled water, Sam’s Choice Purified Drinking Water with Flavor Enhancing Minerals 20 FL OZ (1 PT 4 OZ) 591 mL, changed their bottle designed. I don’t like it. It has these ripple things in it that make the last bit of water just a bit more difficult to get at. Not a big deal, but slightly annoying. The old bottle design was much better.

So I’ve been watching a lot of Alias lately. Excellent show. I’ve been switching back and forth between Alias and Andromeda, and it amazes me at how the acting compares between the two. A few years ago I thought Andromeda was AWESOME, but now… It sucks. Seriously. Very lame.

Anyways, that’s life really. Been working on a few projects, including a website to keep track of all the TV shows and movies I’ve watched so I won’t have that horrible situation happen where I start watching something and then halfway through remember the entire show and end up having to find something else to do. I hate when that happens. And more useful, a small site about LDS temples. So far all I have up on that site is a Google map with all the temples marked. It’s pretty neat to look at actually. Hopefully I’ll eventually take the time to add some more useful information.

Anyways, back to Alias (season 2, episode 18).