Yodlee OnCenter

Jacob Allred

So I’ve been using Yodlee for YEARS and recently they decided to rollout a new and “improved” version. It sucks. Really really really bad. Its horrible. They took one of the most useful pieces of technology available on the internet and took out everything wonderful about it and threw in a few (many) handfuls of bugs and called it stable.

Its very frustrating. For those of you who didn’t have the opportunity to use the old Yodlee, let me explain. Yodlee is an account aggregation service. From one page I can see my balances and recent transactions for my stock accounts, credit cards, bank accounts, money market funds, PayPal account, MyPoints account, email accounts (REALLY handy for “logging into” old webmail accounts that you don’t use very often so that they won’t expire), umm… And a bunch of other accounts, too. Pretty much every account that has any kind of transaction data. You can even throw in accounts that don’t have online access (like savings bonds and stuff like that) so your net worth comes out accurately.

But the new version is slow, buggy, and hard to read. They group all your transactions into one big huge long flowing list, so you can’t even tell which credit card you were charged on for what. And the new version doesn’t allow you to update an individual account or see when it was last updated. And I STILL can’t find a button to delete an old account, and I’ve been using the new version for a week or two already. It might have to do with the horrible new labeling. For example, the tab labeled “Manage Accounts” doesn’t allow you to manage your accounts. Instead, it is the tab that allows you to add an account. You have to go to “Your Sites” to manage your accounts, and even then you can’t really manage them because there aren’t any buttons that allow you to modify or delete an account. It’s terribly stupid. Reading the message boards at their site it looks like they are losing business like crazy because everyone hates the new layout.

Anyways. I was just upset over the retarded changes they made and wanted to rant for a bit.