Yo IDE is so old that when asked for its version number it gives a Roman numeral

Jacob Allred

I’ve had the pleasure poke-my-own-eyes-out-with-a-stick torture of doing a lot of VB6 programming at work lately. The language is pretty primitive compared to newer languages, but it isn’t too bad.

The thing that has been really getting on my nerves is the inability to scroll the page with my mouse’s scroll wheel. VB6 is literally so old that the IDE doesn’t know what to do when you scroll your mouse wheel. Considering the scroll wheel is a 15 year old technology, it is likely that some of my younger readers have never even used a mouse without a scroll wheel.

Well, thanks to Microsoft’s commitment to supporting their antiquated software, there is a solution! Microsoft provides an add-in DLL that makes the VB6 IDE smart enough to know what to do with the scroll wheel. Installation takes about 2 minutes and so far so good.

Get the DLL direct from Microsoft here.