Yale School of Art

Jacob Allred

Recently I blogged about Yale and their intelligent use of Drupal.

Today I would like to blog about Yale again. Well, a part of Yale. Specifically, the Yale University School of Art. This page is, well, let’s just say it is “unique”. Or maybe “special” would be a better description.

They decided it’d be a cool idea to make the page a wiki that any Yale art student can modify. Without supervision. I’m sure whoever came up with this genius idea thought that art students — nay, Yale art students — collaborating together would make the most awesome sauce website in the universe.

Well judge for yourself: Yale University School of Art

Keep in mind that the background changes frequently. At the time of writing, the background was blank, which is the first time I’ve seen it blank. It may be green or purple or pixelated or full of words when you look at it.