unserializer: improved

Jacob Allred

I spent a few minutes improving the unserializer tool today. So what’s new?

  1. You can choose to view output as var_dump or var_export, in addition to the print_r option that was already there.
  2. Added jQuery:
    1. Uses Ajax instead of doing a normal form submission.
    2. Shows an Ajax loading icon when you submit the form, and the output box flashes yellow when it is updated.
    3. Overrode pressing the “enter” key to always submit the form. In rare circumstances this may be annoying, but I think in general it is a good feature.
  3. Added some stylized text to the top, and added a copyright at the bottom. Perhaps I’ll clean my code up sometime and release it, but for now it is copyrighted.

Anyways, I hope others find it as useful as I have!