Toggl Time Remaining Userscript

Jacob Allred

Userscripts are snippets of JavaScript that extend the functionality of a website or change its appearance. What makes them really neat is that you don’t need the permission or help of the website owner in order to run them.

I use Toggl to track the amount of time I devote to different projects. I’m committed to a fixed amount of time each week for one of my projects, but Toggl doesn’t do a great job of letting me know how much time I have left to work. Sure, it will show me how much time I’ve worked altogether this week, but that doesn’t let me know that I need to put in another hour for one specific project. I could use reporting, but it is a bit slow.

So I wrote a userscript. It uses the Toggl API to find out how much time I’ve logged in a specific workspace, then subtracts that from how many hours I should have worked at that point in the week. For example, on Monday I may need to work 4 hours. By the end of Tuesday I should be at 8 hours, and so forth. The final number is unobtrusively added to the top nav of Toggl. It is updated automatically every 10 minutes or whenever I click on it.

The script needs to be configured for your individual use (workspace ID, API key, etc..). Instructions are in the script but I don’t know how to make a script easily configured without requiring you to modify it on your own. Sorry.

I could also make the script easier to customize by moving variables to the top and what not. Sorry, I didn’t do this. It works for me and that’s good enough for now. I’m sharing it in the hopes that someone gets some use out of it.

Anyways, I hope this script is helpful for you! I’ve been using it for a few weeks and it has made life a bit easier.