The Shepherds

Jacob Allred

Yesterday at church our Primary watched Luke 2, a short video about Christ’s birth. Part of the video shows angels coming to tell shepherds of the savior’s birth. During this part of the movie I thought to myself that it was a bit random that some shepherds saw angels when Christ was born. What made them so special? Why was it recorded in the Bible? Why weren’t other people visited by angels at this time?

Well, I found a possible answer today on the Temple Study blog:

…the shepherds who were abiding by their flocks in the fields were perhaps watching over temple sheep, sheep that were being bred and protected to be sacrificed at the temple in Jerusalem.

Very interesting, no? What is also very interesting is the article also goes into some detail about which stable/manger Christ was at. I don’t want to ruin the awesome ending for you, so read the full article here.