Switching from Route 53 to DNS Made Easy

Jacob Allred

I discovered recently that, sometimes and for some people, my Amazon Route 53 DNS is quite slow. I started to dig into this and discovered that, from several different servers I have access to, Route 53 is slower than the free DNS I get from SoftLayer. Since I am paying for Route 53 and I care a lot about how fast my websites are, I decided it was time to switch to something better.

My hunt for better DNS brought me to DNS Made Easy. I did some research and some testing of people already using DNS Made Easy and discovered that they are drastically faster than both Route 53 and the free DNS I get from SoftLayer. For $5/month you get up to 25 domains and up to 10 million queries. Additional queries can be purchased for a discount up front, or can be automatically billed in the event you unexpectedly go over. They also provide some awesome features like vanity name servers and DNS failover.

Anyways, took me about 3 minutes to get everything switched over and now I’m just waiting for everything to propagate.