SVG Barcode Generator

Jacob Allred

The past few days have been spent writing a PHP class that will generate barcodes and save them as SVG files. This class is going to be used in an upcoming barcode-related website I’m building.

Currently it supports:

The advantage of generating an SVG file instead of a PNG or JPG is that SVG graphics are vectors. This means you can make the barcode as large or small as you want without any loss in quality. Once you’ve sized it as large or small as you want, you can export it to a PNG, JPG, GIF, whatever.

Anyways, I’m not releasing the source yet (sorry). ExitBlue is designing my new barcode site (should be ready by the end of the month), and then I’ll need a week or two to get the PHP backend stuff working, and then maybe I’ll release some of the code.