Saving Money on Prescriptions

Jacob Allred


My family has health insurance, but we opted out of prescription coverage because a) it is expensive, and b) we don’t have any prescriptions that we take daily. We figured we’d come out ahead by paying the full price for prescriptions when we rarely need them.

So far this has worked out fine, but I’ve had two prescriptions I’ve needed filled in the past couple months. Being without prescription coverage for the first time in my life, I decided to give one of those prescription discount cards a try. I looked around and chose YourRxCard. It is free, you can print it instantly without filling out a form, and it is accepted by all the major pharmacies (Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc.). But the big question is: does it actually save you any money?

I quickly printed out the card (took maybe 30 seconds) and took it and the prescription to Walgreens. I felt very awkward handing it to the pharmacist, but she took it and entered the details into the computer without giving me any hassle. There was a line so I didn’t want to bother the pharmacist to ask how much the card was saving me, so when I got home I called another Walgreens to check the price of the prescription without insurance. The results? $0.00 savings. Bummer.

Today I got a different prescription filled. It cost around $138 at Costco without insurance, but only $60.49 at Walgreens (always shop around for pricing when buying anything expensive!). I verified my discount card was still in the system. When I picked up my prescription, I was happy to find out I was only being charged $45.79 — a savings of over 24%! The prescription paperwork even said “Your Insurance Saved You: $14.70”, confirming that I did in fact get a discount just for printing a piece of paper off of the internet.

Bottom line: Is it worth the hassle to print a discount card if you don’t have prescription coverage? Absolutely! Check it out at

Disclosure: This is not a paid posting. I was not compensated for posting this, and I don’t receive any money, discounts, or other benefits if you use YourRxCard. I just liked it and wanted to share.